Animal Control

Have you lost or found a pet?

The city is charged for picked up and impounded animals. Animals are impounded and held for the state required stray hold of 5 business days at Otter Lake Animal Care Center, 6848 Otter Lake Road, Hugo.  After the stray hold, animals are transferred to foster based 501c3 rescues to search for new adoptive homes.  Owners are responsible for reclaim fees of impounded animals and may be invoiced by the city for animal control service reimbursement.

For more information on ways to find your pet visit:

For more information on steps to take if you've found an animal visit:

THE CITY’S GOAL IS TO SAVE TAX DOLLARS AND YOUR DOLLARS by having residents report lost or found animals to CITY HALL, 436-5090, where we will look up city license records and descriptions of animals to see if we have likely matches.  

1)      If the animal has no injuries: Confine the animal safely.

2)      Get a good description (or better yet) take digital pictures.

3)      Check with neighbors—has it just wandered away?

4)      Post pictures/contact info around the neighborhood for LOST or FOUND animals.

5)      Check if the animal has an Afton License Tag. City Hall has information on licensed animals and can call the owners.

6)      Call City Hall, 436-5090, to report the lost or found animal. If both LOST and FOUND contacts call City Hall, we can put animals back with their owners without an impound call and fee.

7)      As a last resort OR if the animal has injuries, call Animal Control, Brittany Harmon. The animal will be taken immediately to: Otter Lake Animal Care Center, 6848 Otter Lake Road, Hugo, MN 55038.

8)      If you have lost an animal, you can call Animal Control 1-715-220-1332 and Otter Lake Animal Care Center 1-651-426-8871 to see if someone has found them.