Afton's City Government

A Statutory City

Plan A: Form of Government

The form of government established by the City of Afton is Plan A.  Under the Plan A form of government, citizens elect a Mayor and Council Members, who act as the legislative and policy making body of the City. The City Council, in turn, appoints (hires) a City Administrator and other staff, as needed, to manage the day-to-day operations of the City.

City Officials

Mayor and City Council
The City of Afton is comprised of a Mayor elected at-large and one Council Member from each of the four Wards.  The position of Mayor is a two-year term, while Council Members serve alternating four-year terms.
The Mayor is the presiding officer of the Council.

City Staff 

City Administrator
The City Administrator is responsible for carrying out the functions of the City Clerk and Treasurer as defined by MN State Statute,  The City Administrator also manages the general operations of the City with assistance from other Staff.  In Afton, the City Administrator also serves as the Zoning Administrator.